Treesure Gaharu Tea

Treesure Gaharu Tea is a unique blend of Gaharu leaves and heartwood from the Gaharu trees planted in our very own plantation. Handpicked by our experts, only the best and finest leaves and heartwood are selected for the crafting of this tea.

This premium blend of tea concocted by our experts will stir your senses while providing you with various health benefits Using 100% pure Gaharu, the natural benefits of consuming Gaharu tea can naturally be extracted and preserved using our sensational tea making flair. Treesure Gaharu Tea is made without any added additives or preservatives and it is packed individually in a foil package to ensure freshness of the tea leaves.

Regain your balance, awaken your spirit and revitalize your body as you savour this aromatic tea which offers rich organic, deep woody spicy flavour followed by a sweet, warming, clean taste.