Why Treesure Gaharu Tea?

Important Facts of Treesure Gaharu Tea

  • Its pure!
  • Its highly beneficial for health!
  • Its made using Gaharu tree leaves and heartwood from our own plantation!
  • Its organic!
  • Its free from preservatives!
  • Its free from caffeine by nature!
  • Its Halal!

Try a Cuppa!

A cup of Treesure Gaharu Tea will help regain your balance, awaken your spirit and revitalize your body. The first sip of this aromatic tea offers a rich organic, deep woody spicy flavour. It is then followed by a sweet, warming, clean taste.

Our experts at Treesure spent a lengthy time researching and experimenting with taste while making sure all benefits in accordance to the tea are kept.

Treesure Gaharu Tea is developed to satisfy your taste buds while providing you with plenty of health benefits. A Definite Must-Try!

Have a Cuppa TODAY!