Our Story

We at Treesure are your experts in producing premium gaharu tea to not only satisfy your taste buds, but also to bring you the centuries old benefits related to gaharu. We cultivate our own gaharu trees in order to provide you with the freshest supply of gaharu leaves and heartwood to produce our Treesure products.

Currently Treesure has over 25,000 gaharu seedlings and the gaharu plants are thriving. We have gotten our CITES certificate for the plantation as well, through our magnificent management and operations of the plantation. The gaharu tree has been traditionally known to provide many benefits to the people around it. From the bark to the leaves, people have found many uses for this tree. We at Treesure figured why not share this wonderful benefit to the people around us.

Using the tea leaves and heartwood from the gaharu Tree, this special blend of tea concocted by our experts will stir your senses while providing various health benefits. This idea is tremendous because the usage of this precious Gaharu tree is extended and prolonged.